A Valuable Addition: Basic Training in EMDR Therapy

Traditional therapies take time, and it can be disheartening to see clients move backward after gaining a few steps forward.  EMDR Therapy provides you with the valuable tools you need in your therapy practice.

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Basic Training is a three-weekend training course covering all of the basics of EMDR Therapy.  Within the three weekends you gain understanding in both the history of EMDR Therapy and the mechanisms by which the theory works.  By the end of your training you will be able to articulate the 3-pronged, 8-phased EMDR protocol.

At EMDR Professional Training’s Basic Training weekends, you learn from the best.  Dr. Curtis Rouanzoin brings over 27 years of experience in EMDR Therapy and is internationally known as a premier trainer.  Dr. Michelle Gottlieb is an international speaker of the topic of EMDR Therapy who is known for presenting the principles of EMDR in an accessible style. Both are university professors with extensive experience in presentation of both theory and practice.  Simply put, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to hear from these highly experienced professionals.

EMDR Professional Training sets itself apart, offering you a three-weekend, all-inclusive training.  In your three-weekend training you receive not only the best training available from the experts, you are also guaranteed to engage in smaller breakout groups of no more than eight people.  EMDR Professional Training also includes consultation as part of the training, so no additional cost or time is required.  Everything you need for certification is included in these three weekends.

Register for one of our upcoming Basic Trainings:

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Weekend 1 – 5/31-6/2, 2019
Weekend 2 – 7/12-7/14, 2019
Weekend 3 – 8/9-8/11, 2019

Long Beach, California

Weekend 1 – 9/20-22 2019
Weekend 2 – 10/18-20, 2019
Weekend 3 – 11/15-17, 2019

Pomona, California

Weekend 1 – 6/28-30, 2019
Weekend 2 – 7/26-28, 2019
Weekend 3 – 8/16-18, 2019