Are you in? Free Monthly Study Group with Curt Rouanzoin, Ph.D.

Study group with Curt Rouanzoin, Ph.D.
Take advantage of monthly collaboration at Dr. Rouanzoin’s study group, free to members of EMDR Professional Training™

Twenty-seven years ago, I started a free study group in my office for a few grad students and clinicians, all of whom had a bright future in the field of psychotherapy.  Each month the group worked through problems together and encouraged one another forward in their respective practice of EMDR therapy.

As time moved on, some people left and others joined depending on their needs and availability.  Fast forward to 2019, and the study group is still going strong.  Are we the longest running study group in the history of study groups?

Quite possibly.

Now this benefit–really, a legacy of sharing knowledge and experience among colleagues–is available to you.

My monthly study group is offered to you as a free benefit of both your yearly Membership with EMDR Professional Training as well as our EMDR Certification package.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from others and a place where you can bring current work and cases for collaboration.

Dr. Curtis Rouanzoin offers his free study group to members of EMDR Professional Training.
Join the membership of EMDR Professional Training™ and receive the benefit of Dr. Rouanzoin’s free monthly study group.

We meet at my office located in Irvine, CA, the second Tuesday of every month.  Once you’ve started your Certification process with us, or you’ve joined our Membership, we’ll make sure you have all the details.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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