Inspired by the Dream

Today we are inspired by the Dream.

Martin Luther King, Jr. presented an idea, a dream, to the world through his compelling prose and memorable orations that we should strive for a better world and be willing agents of change in whatever capacity we might endeavor.

Dream about the possibilities
Dream big! Start your training in EMDR therapy today.

As a mental health professional, you may have also been inspired by a dream to help others and make a difference in society.  At EMDR Professional Training™, we see the practice EMDR therapy as an important part of fulfilling your dream.

Here are some steps you can take!

  1. Start with Basic Training, a three-weekend course with practicum experiences and consultation built in, giving you comprehensive education to begin practicing EMDR therapy.
  2. Once you have completed Basic Training, you’re eligible to complete the EMDRIA Certification process. EMDR Professional Training™ takes you through the certification process once you finish Basic Training with everything you need to complete each step successfully
  3. Membership with EMDR Professional Training™ is one of the many benefits you receive when you choose to complete your certification process with us. Membership includes discounts on advanced courses, monthly online meetings, and more.  You can also join any time to start enjoying these excellent benefits.
  4. Learn to work with special populations and complex traumas by taking Advanced Courses either in our live seminar format or online with EMDR Professional Training™. Advanced training gives you continuing education credits you need to renew your EMDRIA Certification (every two years) and keep you current in your practice.
  5. Become a Consultant in Training–someone who provides consultation to those completing their certification process. Consultants in Training work toward becoming Approved Consultants in EMDR Therapy—professionals who are more than competent practitioners.  They mentor, coach, and teach consultees about professional communications and skills.  Contact us for more information and to get started with this advanced work.
Taking steps toward your dream
Start taking steps toward your dream today with EMDR Professional Training.

If these steps look like part of your dream, EMDR Professional Training™ is ready to help.  Go to our list of courses today or contact us and we’ll help you get started.