May is considered Mental Health Awareness Month in the U.S.  Traditionally, it’s a yearly reminder to take care of our mental health in a variety of ways to support the whole person.  For instance, in 2018, Psychology Today featured an article that listed ways to care for your mental well-being with several suggestions related to food and exercise for better overall health.  See the list here. Other sources have also included suggested therapeutic activities such as coloring or taking walks.

mazeWhile these suggestions are certainly good advice (yes, hydrate and try some probiotics), it’s not the full list by any means.  Of course, those of us working in the mental health profession know much more is needed to help people move from just ok to thriving.

Be More than OK

EMDR Therapy is the key to true healing from past traumas. We often see, with the use of traditional therapies, clients continue to circle back to certain incidents depending on what is occurring in their current situations.  It’s the working of a maze again and again.  Even though we may have dealt with the past incident in previous therapy sessions, it’s back and has to be worked through again.  But with EMDR Therapy, something different happens. Instead of putting memory in a proverbial box, hoping it won’t “pop out” again at the first sign of another life event or crisis, we allow the brain to do its own work so that the trauma is truly over.  Done.

As Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2020, draws to a close, we have much to consider.  Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many are dealing with loss of jobs, income, and possibly loved ones.  Others are dealing with anxiety and depression in light of uncontrollable variables. Children may be affected in homes where these anxieties run high just as adults deal with a variety of stressors.

Be the one who can Help

world on handsI can’t think of a better time to engage in EMDR Therapy training.  If you haven’t yet completed Basic Training for EMDR Therapy, I encourage you to consider one of our upcoming Virtual Basic Training options, fully live but safely done via HIPAA compliant ZOOM.  If you’re trained, then I recommend you consider advanced trainings and, of course, certification.  We offer both fully online advanced courses as well as virtual live trainings. And we’re still holding virtual meetings with our membership because we understand the need for support as you continue your work.

The world needs you—now more than ever.  Let’s bring them the healing they need with EMDR Therapy.

See you soon,