Why should you learn early EMDR therapy intervention protocols?

The answer is simple:  Sooner or later, you’ll need them.

Spend just a few minutes observing statistics on mental health, and you’ll know that your clinical skills in the practice of EMDR therapy are needed.  Likewise, further training in intervention protocols can help you be ready for working with clients who have experienced recent trauma.

Josie Juhasz, instructor for Early EMDR Intervention Protocols:  Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol and Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP/G-TEP) explains the background of these two protocols and invites you to become trained:

RTEP GTEP Advanced training

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Register now for this EMDR advanced training where you’ll learn the essential Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol and Group Traumatic Episode Protocol.  Plus, with this training you’ll receive special training for use of these protocols in tele-health.

RTEP GTEP Protocols can help!
The RTEP and GTEP protocols are for more than emergencies and disasters. Learn these two protocols now.

Learn early EMDR therapy intervention protocols and help your clients now.

Learn to work with clients dealing with recent trauma and possibly save them from further, more complex issues down the road.  These two protocols effectively integrate and reprocess recent traumas and build resilience during ongoing traumatic events.  Why not take advantage of this advanced training with clinical skills you will find useful in your practice.

Go to our advanced training page to find the next RTEP/GTEP training.

In just one weekend of training, you can learn and practice these two recent trauma protocols and help more clients who need the transformative healing offered by EMDR therapy.

A brighter, healthier tomorrow awaits your clients.  Help them get there.

The R-TEP/G-TEP training offers 14 professional CEs.  This program is also approved by EMDRIA for 14 EMDRIA credits for those who have completed an EMDRIA approved EMDR Basic Training.  For more information about CE credits for this course and to register, please visit us at  EMDR Professional Training.com or call (949) 445-6548.


Eating Disorders from a Trauma-Informed Perspective is the content of our fully live, virtual course coming in Spring 2023:

At War with Food: Trauma-informed Clinical Skills for Treating the Spectrum of Eating Disorders — Spring 2023


Live Virtual Events

Plenty of clinicians can now attest to the wonders of EMDR therapy for PTSD, anxiety, and Dissociative disorders. The track record of EMDR therapy is impressive, but some strong holds still exist. The war is still raging.

Trauma – Informed Specialists

Pam Virdi
Pam Virdi teaches At War With Food: Trauma Informed Clinical Skills for Eating Disorders
Andrew Seubert
Andrew Seubert teaches At War With Food: Trauma Informed Clinical Skills for Eating Disorders

Enter two trauma-informed therapists with expertise in the treatment of eating disorders:   Andrew Seubert LMHC, NCC, and Pam Virdi, MEd, RMN, CPN, CHP.  Both of these dynamic EMDR certified clinicians are master clinicians and presenters in their own right.  Seubert is the co-founder of ClearPath Healing Arts Center on Seneca Lake in Burdett, N.Y., author of The Courage to Feel:  A Practical Guide to the Power and Freedom of Emotional Honesty, and an EMDRIA Certified consultant and trainer in EMDR therapy.  Virdi is an EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant, Integrative Psychotherapist, Lecturer and Clinical Supervisor who delivers university multi-professional eating disorder trainings and has served on the Editorial Board of the European Eating Disorder Review Journal.

Now, they’ve teamed up as a powerhouse of wisdom in the realm of Eating Disorders–a place where clients struggle daily and other forms of therapy have yet to truly heal.

Seubert and Virdi, co-editors and contributing authors of the book Trauma-Informed Approaches to Eating Disorders (2021), operate within a trauma-informed approach to unveil the deep roots of eating disorders and present strategies that work to let the healing begin.

You can learn to treat eating disorders with a fresh perspective.  Join EMDR Professional Training for a training that is sure to take your practice to another level. At War with Food: Trauma-informed Clinical Skills for Treating the Spectrum of Eating Disorders is a 5-session series throughout Spring 2023.

Although EMDR Basic Training is helpful, there are no pre-requisites for the the course.

Three-month payment plan is available!

20 EMDRIA CEs are available for those who have EMDR Basic Training from an approved provider.

20 Professional CEs are awarded through CE-Classes.com.