EMDR Therapy and First Responders

EMDR Therapy helps first responders deal with the stresses that come with the job.  From the day-to-day job stress to the inherent issues of working as a law enforcement officer, fire fighter, or EMT, these needed individuals are receiving the help they need.  Thankfully, EMDR approved consultant and Select Trainer with EMDR Professional Training™, Deborah Silveria, Ph.D., works tirelessly to bring hope and healing to this population.  See her recent video from her work with police officers in Guam.


Now you can learn advanced skills in EMDR therapy helps first responders by taking the OnDemand advanced course, The Other Side of Heroes:  First Responders and Chronic Pain, presented by Deborah Silveria and Michell Gottlieb, Psy.D.  In this enlightening course, you’ll learn about the secret pain of this population and how to work with first responder clients using EMDR therapy.  Plus, you can earn 2 CEs and a wealth of insight from Gottlieb and Silveria as they outline how your work in EMDR therapy is a life saving skill for our first responder population.

Start the Healing Now–Get Trained!

The Other Side of Heroes: First Responders and Chronic Pain
The Other Side of Heroes: First Responders and Chronic Pain offers clinicians advanced training in working with the first responder population.

Interested in how you can heal lives with EMDR therapy?  If you haven’t started your basic training, see our schedule and make plans to start your EMDR training today.  EMDR Professional Training™ offers in-person, virtual, and hybrid training formats with both large and small group formats for your optimal learning.  Our 57-hour comprehensive training also includes complex issues and working with special populations.

More Advanced Training

If you are already trained in EMDR therapy, remember to take Suicide training.  Suicide:  Assessment, Intervention, and Prevention–Skills and Resources to Stop the Pain offers 6 CEs and does more than just fulfill the BBS requirement.  You’ll enjoy how Deborah Silveria presents this course with extra perspective because of her expertise with first responders and her years of EMDR therapy experience.  Silveria also presents cultural awareness and telehealth strategies as part of the therapist’s work in this OnDemand course now.

Start your learning today!  Find EMDR Professional Training™ at:  https://emdrprofessionaltraining.com


EMDR Professional Training offers training at all levels

EMDR Professional Training offers all levels of EMDR Training plus a supportive membership community.  When you become trained in EMDR therapy, you’ll soon notice that you need both education and support as an EMDR therapy clinician.  That’s why EMDR Professional Training offers you training and support at all levels of your EMDR therapy learning.  Watch this informational video to see all that EMDR Professional Training offers.

EMDR Basic Training–The First part of your Journey

EMDR Professional Training offers you all levels of educational opportunities in EMDR training and other continuing education.

First Step — EMDR Basic Training

Your first step is to take  EMDR Basic Training.  EMDR Basic Training with EMDR Professional Training is a 57-hour comprehensive training including practicums and consultations.  During your three-part training, you’ll learn the history of EMDR therapy, the essential theories behind this research-supported therapy, and the use of EMDR therapy with special populations and complex issues.  You’ll learn the essential steps and how to move through each phase with a client.  Treatment planning, an integral part of your EMDR Basic training, is addressed and practiced throughout the training, so you will feel equipped and ready to work with clients.

EMDR Certification–Your Second Step as an EMDR Therapist

It’s important that your training be an EMDRIA approved program, so you can easily move from Basic Training into your EMDR Certification.  EMDR Certification is granted by the EMDR International Association and recognizes your commitment to proper education in EMDR therapy as well as your ethical commitment.  EMDR Professional Training™ offers the required consultation program toward that certification.  We’ll make sure you’ve completed all the steps along with your needed consultation hours to get certified.

The Five Areas of EMDR Professional Training
EMDR Professional Training provides education and support for your journey in EMDR therapy.

EMDR Professional Training™ Membership–Join our Supportive Community

Our thriving community of EMDR therapy professionals continues to provide the support you need to do your valuable work well.  Our membership provides monthly online meetings, study groups, extensive resources, and a member discount on every advanced training we offer.  Members of EMDR Professional Training consistently tell us how much they appreciate the support they receive from this special community.  We’d love to have you join us!  Find out more here.

Advanced Courses at EMDR Professional Training–Your Advanced Learning Matters!

Your initial training in EMDR therapy is an eye-opening experience, no pun intended.  In fact, many participants report how learning EMDR therapy causes them to rethink just about everything in their clinical practice because “it all makes sense now.”  With this paradigm shift, many therapists find themselves in need of reviewing the basics of EMDR therapy and engaging in advanced training.  Go no further than our growing list of advanced courses, offering both professional and EMDRIA CEs.  Our advanced courses cover populations such as children, first responders, and athletes, as well as the complexities of dissociative disorders, psychosis, and addiction.

Advanced Training Modules–Go Further with EMDR Professional Training™

Some advanced practitioners have a desire to go even further in their work with EMDR therapy.  That’s why we developed our advanced training modules–for those ready to become consultants, facilitators, and eventually, trainers in EMDR therapy.  See our advanced programs if you are at this stage of your clinical work, and you’re ready for more.

So much is available for you to get started and continue your journey in EMDR therapy.  Get started today at EMDR Professional Training™.