Registration Open: Basic Training — Claremont, CA

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It's time! Registration is now open for EMDR Therapy Basic Training! EMDR Professional Training presents our three-weekend Basic Training at the Smith Campus Center located on the tree-lined campus of Pomona College, one of The Claremont Colleges in Claremont, California. Dr. Curtis Rouanzoin EMDR Therapy Basic Training requires excellent trainers and facilitators, and you get it all with EMDR Professional Training.  Led by two of the best in the field, internationally known premier trainers Dr. Curtis Rouanzoin and Dr. Michelle Gottlieb are both highly experienced and completely accessible in their teaching styles.  All three informative training weekends blend theoretical instruction with practical application.  Knowledgeable and experienced facilitators lead small break out groups where you'll learn how to apply EMDR protocols.  You'll simply learn from and practice with the best! Your training with EMDR Professional Training includes consultation as part of the training package, so no additional cost or time [...]

Becoming Known: An Advanced Training with Andrew Seubert

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Online Course Available Soon! EMDR Professional Training presents Becoming Known: A relational model for Parts/Ego State work in EMDR Therapy, an advanced training with Andrew Seubert, LMHC, NCC.  The author of several publications including his books The Courage to Feel: A Practical Guide to the Power and Freedom of Emotional Honesty (2008) and How Simon Left His Shell:  The Courage to Feel for Young People (2014), Seubert presents this advanced course as a practical training in the integration of "parts" or ego state work with EMDR practice. This course evolved from Andrew Seubert’s work as an EMDR consultant and trainer, during which he realized the crucial need for ego state competence when working with trauma and dissociation.  This relational model utilizes the relationship among parts, client, and therapist to achieve personality-wide collaboration and eventual healing.  It is completely compatible with other models of parts therapy.  Seubert’s goal for the course is that participants [...]

A Valuable Addition: Basic Training in EMDR Therapy

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Traditional therapies take time, and it can be disheartening to see clients move backward after gaining a few steps forward.  EMDR Therapy provides you with the valuable tools you need in your therapy practice. Basic Training is a three-weekend training course covering all of the basics of EMDR Therapy.  Within the three weekends you gain understanding in both the history of EMDR Therapy and the mechanisms by which the theory works.  By the end of your training you will be able to articulate the 3-pronged, 8-phased EMDR protocol. At EMDR Professional Training’s Basic Training weekends, you learn from the best.  Dr. Curtis Rouanzoin brings over 27 years of experience in EMDR Therapy and is internationally known as a premier trainer.  Dr. Michelle Gottlieb is an international speaker of the topic of EMDR Therapy who is known for presenting the principles of EMDR in an accessible style. Both are university professors with [...]

Best Basic Training in the Wild West

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Grab your hat and boots for EMDR Professional Training’s Basic Training in Cheyenne, Wyoming! The city once quipped as the Magic City of the Plains, Cheyenne, Wyoming, is our home for three weekends, May 31- June 2, July 12-14 and August 9-11, at the Historic Plains Hotel. As a Hell on Wheels boomtown, Cheyenne basically popped up overnight as a result of the Union Pacific Railroad’s race to take trains from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 1867.  This capitol city of Wyoming still delivers with plenty of Western flair and frontier spirit that you’ll enjoy when you register for EMDR Professional Training’s Basic Training three-weekend course. At EMDR Professional Training’s Basic Training weekends, you learnfrom the best.  Dr. Curtis Rouanzoin brings over 27 years of experience in EMDR Therapy and is internationally known as a premier trainer.  Dr. Michelle Gottlieb is an international speaker of the topic of EMDR Therapy who is [...]

Going for the Gold: EMDR and Elite Performers

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In the EMDR community, we readily acknowledge the effectiveness of the AIP Model for PTSD or DD.  What if we could also utilize EMDR for professional athletes, dancers, and creatives—people who are at the top of their game, as it were, or should be?      Well, we can.      Elite performers engage in activities that are both highly rewarding and highly stressful.  Working with the high-performance mindset requires careful consideration to apply effective intervention strategies.      That’s where Sara Gilman comes in.  Dr. Gilman, PsyD. LMFT, has worked with professional football and baseball players, Olympic gymnasts and equestrians, triathletes, cyclists, and ice skaters, as well as professional singers, actors, speakers, and artists.  She’s an accomplished veteran in the specialization of peak performance.    Gilman is sharing her expertise in a new workshop, EMDR and Performance:  Removing Blocks and Raising the Bar—Strategies for Clinicians Working with Athletes and Creatives, May [...]

Become a Certified EMDR Therapist

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When you finished your basic training, you probably realized there was so much more to learn about EMDR Therapy. It’s time to get EMDR certified with EMDR Professional Training. We are pleased to announce EMDR Professional Training’s Certification/Consultation Package, including a year of membership and valuable discounts. EMDR Professional Training, adhering to EMDRIA’s requirements, ensures your best practices of EMDR Therapy.  Our certification package includes consultation to help you apply EMDR Therapy in your case work according to the AIP Model and EMDRIA guidelines. This is even more important as you are working with your complex clients. Having a consultant to help guide you through what can be very complex treatment helps to ensure more successful outcomes.Our consultants, like everything else at EMDR Professional Training, are the best in the field. Along with your certification, EMDR Professional Training also includes one year of membership with access to videos and resources, discussion groups, [...]

EMDR Professional Training Membership

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The practice of therapy can be isolating.  It’s easy to feel as if you’re on your own in the work of helping others. You don’t have to go it alone.  Become a member of EMDR Professional Training’s growing community of professional therapists where you’ll find resources, advanced training in EMDR Therapy, and supportive collaboration with your peers. Membership includes access to videos and resources, discussion groups, and monthly meetings with either Dr. Curt Rouanzoin or Dr. Michelle Gottlieb.  Membership also gives you discounts on our Advanced Trainings, both live and online. The on-line resources and benefits are growing all the time. Join today to become part of this vibrant community! Your work is important.  Join our membership at EMDR Professional Training and get the support you deserve. Go to:  Membership at EMDR Professional Training Today to join! Requirements to becoming a member: Completed an EMDRIA approved Basic Training     [...]

Haunted: EMDR with First Responders and Professionals in the Trenches

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A Workshop presented by Robbie Adler Tapia, Ph.D. Hosted by: Tapia Counseling and Psychological Services, Inc. Dates: May 4 & 5, 2019  in Goodyear, AZ This workshop will focus on basic and advanced skills in adhering to the 8 phases of EMDR therapy in the treatment of first responders exposed to trauma in the line of duty. The practice of caring for the emotional and physical needs of professionals exposed to life and death situations and the most difficult of human suffering takes its toll on those in the trenches. In these inimitable circumstances, the exposure can lead to direct traumas and/or vicarious trauma for the professional. By working in law enforcement, fire sciences, emergency services, 911 operators, emergency room staff (including doctors and nurses), child welfare workers, and even psychotherapists, these professionals experience direct or secondary trauma from their work environment. Case conceptualization will be presented through the lens of the Adaptive Information Processing Model [...]

Basic Training Dates – Wyoming

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EMDR Professional Training is excited to announce new Basic Training dates for late spring/early summer 2019 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Dates 5/31-6/2; 7/12-14; 8/9-8/11 2019 Place:  The Historic Plains Hotel- Cheyenne Wyoming   Benefits include: Three-weekend model includes Consultation- no additional scheduling or costs to complete Basic Training Automatic enrollment in online component with access to videos, manuals and discussion to enhance learning Small (6-8 person) Consultation & Practicum Groups to facilitate learning, collaboration and relationship Training by one of the most experienced trainers/EMDR clinicians in the world. Rouanzoin has been teaching and training in EMDR since 1999 and has over 50,000 hours of clinical EMDR experience. Register today at