Curt Rouanzoin

Review with EMDR Bootcamp

EMDR Professional Training™ offers you a way to review and refresh your EMDR Therapy skills with EMDR Bootcamp:  Basic Skills Refresher. Now available in an easy online format. EMDR Bootcamp: Basic Skills Refresher—a review of the basic concepts of EMDR Therapy along with development and support of skills in the use of EMDR standard protocols-is a completely online learn-at-your-own-pace workshop. Build your Skills Take EMDR Bootcamp: Basic Skills Refresher at EMDR Professional Training. Refresh and renew your skill and increase your confidence in EMDR Therapy as you review the Adaptive Information Processing model, the Eight Phases, and 3-Prong Approach.  Instruction includes how to formulate client selection criteria with review of ethical cautions for EMDR Therapy and review of how to develop a treatment plan based on the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model.  Techniques and resources are provided to assist with client stabilization and safety as well as [...]

Dissociation and EMDR Therapy

In your practice of EMDR Therapy you may have noticed that dissociation seems to lurk in the vicinity of trauma.  Now's your chance to learn more. In his new online course titled Introduction to EMDR Therapy and Dissociative Disorders Curt Rouanzoin, Ph.D. discusses the co-existence of dissociation and trauma and much more. “A key factor for the success of EMDR Therapy in clients,” Rouanzoin maintains, “involves the therapist’s understanding of the nature of dissociation and its relationship with trauma.”  Because of its occurrence, Dr. Rouanzoin sees the importance of fully exploring the many facets of dissociative behaviors. The Nature of Dissociative Disorders Dr. Curt Rouanzoin's advanced online course, "Introduction to Dissociation and EMDR Therapy," is available now. In this advanced online course, Dr. Rouanzoin discusses the role and pathological use of dissociation due to traumatic events.  He uncovers the implications and complications of clinical treatment with dissociative [...]

Your Next Step — EMDR Basic Training in 2020

Your Next StepEMDR Therapy Basic Training  If you are a mental health professional, you know EMDR Therapy as a beneficial therapy for a host of mental health concerns including PTSD, addictions, and other dysfunctional or maladaptive behaviors. Now it’s your turn to complete EMDR Therapy Basic Training—your next step in your clinical training. Register for Basic Training with EMDR Professional Training™. Our next course dates are now open for registration: Casper, Wyoming, beginning May 2020 and Redlands, California, beginning June 2020. What Is Basic Training? Basic Training is a three-weekend training course covering the foundational characteristics of EMDR Therapy. Within these three-weekends, you’ll gain understanding in both the history of EMDR Therapy and the mechanisms by which the theory works. Theory immediately moves into practice as you participate in practicums with facilitators who work through each step in a group setting. By the end of your training you will be able to [...]

Working with Addictions and EMDR Therapy Course Now Available

Introduction to Working with Addictions with EMDR is now available online! The Connection between Trauma and Addiction Clinicians who treat trauma within their practices or settings should expect to see addiction show up, whether they are trained and ready for it or not.  The connection between trauma and addiction is virtually inseparable.  However, many clinicians express fears about treating this population.  Many therapists express feelings of helplessness when faced with the complexities of addiction.  Unfortunately, behaviors associated with addiction tend to be unpredictable, and clients encounter dangers (both internally and externally) when caught in a cycle of addiction, recovery, and relapse. Insights from the Experts That's why we chose to offer this informative interview with Susan Brown, LCSW, BCD, and Curt Rouanzoin, Ph.D. Dr. Curt Rouanzoin shares important considerations regarding the treatment of addiction. In this 90-minute interview format, Susan Brown and Curt Rouanzoin introduce and discuss important principles [...]

Are you in? Free Monthly Study Group with Curt Rouanzoin, Ph.D.

Take advantage of monthly collaboration at Dr. Rouanzoin's study group, free to members of EMDR Professional Training™ Twenty-seven years ago, I started a free study group in my office for a few grad students and clinicians, all of whom had a bright future in the field of psychotherapy.  Each month the group worked through problems together and encouraged one another forward in their respective practice of EMDR therapy. As time moved on, some people left and others joined depending on their needs and availability.  Fast forward to 2019, and the study group is still going strong.  Are we the longest running study group in the history of study groups? Quite possibly. Now this benefit--really, a legacy of sharing knowledge and experience among colleagues--is available to you. My monthly study group is offered to you as a free benefit of both your yearly Membership with EMDR Professional Training as [...]