Deborah Silveria PH.D.

Deborah Silveria Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and LMFT. She works at the Amen Clinics, in Costa Mesa, California. She specializes in complex trauma. She has been practicing EMDR since 1996 and has traveled to areas providing EMDR after disasters (Haiti, San Bernardino terrorist attacks). Dr. Silveria is a Trainer for EMDR Trauma Recovery Network and a facilitator for the EMDR Institute. She is also an Approved Instructor in Critical Incident Stress Management for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. She is the EMDR consultant and program coordinator for a week long retreat for first responders with PTSD.

OnDemand Courses


Paradigm Shift: Defense mechanisms through the EMDR therapeutic framework
Dr. Michelle Gottlieb, Psy.D. and Dr. Deborah Silveria, Ph.D.

Suicide: Assessment, Intervention, and Prevention—Skills and Resources to Stop the Pain
Deborah Silveria, Ph.D.


Oops: Common Errors, Bloopers, and Blunders When Using EMDR Therapy and How to Fix Them
Dr. Michelle Gottlieb, Psy.D. and Dr. Deborah Silveria, Ph.D.

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Weekend 1 – 2/11-2/13, 2022
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Weekend 3 – 4/22-4/24, 2022
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