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Dr. Curt Rouanzoin
Co-President of EMDR Professional Training


Curtis Rouanzoin, Ph.D. was trained by Francine Shapiro in EMDR in 1991/1992.  He worked with the EMDR Institute as a Facilitator (1992) and then Senior Trainer until 2017. Throughout the years, he has worked to develop the highest quality EMDR Basic Training as well as Advanced Training in Complex PTSD and Dissociation.

Training Experience

Dr. Rouanzoin is Certified in EMDR, an Approved Consultant, and an Approved Instructor in EMDR. He has trained mental health practitioners in EMDR both nationally and internationally.

Internationally, Dr. Rouanzoin traveled with Dr. Shapiro to Columbia on a Congress Against Violence and to pave the way for future EMDR training.  He also traveled to Japan with Dr. Andrew Leeds to train the first groups of clinicians there.

While at Hope International University, where he worked for 22 years and developed the Marriage and Family Therapy Program,  he developed the first University Graduate Course in EMDR (1995).

Clinical Experience

Dr. Rouanzoin has conducted more than 45,000 hours of EMDR therapy sessions with clients across all gender, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds.  He receives referrals for situations ranging from military/police/first responders to Complex PTSD/Dissociative Disorders as well as peak performance in athletics and theater/performing arts.

As both a Licensed Psychologist (PSY7809) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT8790), Dr. Rouanzoin understands the professional and clinical demands of both. His early training provided a solid foundation for the extensive post-graduate education he has received.

Advancement of EMDR

Dr. Rouanzoin has spoken on panels and made presentations regarding EMDR at EMDRIA, ISTSS, California Psychological Association, Anxiety Association of America, Orange County Psychological Association and the University Pittsburgh of Medicine- Department of Psychiatry.

As a founding board member and second President of EMDRIA, Dr. Rouanzoin helped develop the Standards and Training Committee.

Dr. Rouanzoin was a founding member of the Traumatic Stress Network (TTSN) in Southern California. TTSN was the first regional Basic Training in EMDR in conjunction with the EMDR Institute.

The Southern California EMDR Study Group is an ongoing monthly (cost free) study group for EMDR-trained clinicians run by Dr. Rouanzoin. It is the second Tuesday of the month from 9-11 am at his Irvine office. It is the longest running EMDR Study Group in the world (started 1991).

OnDemand Courses



Bootcamp: Basic Skills Refresher
Curtis Rouanzoin, Ph.D. and Michelle Gottlieb, Psy. D.

Working with Addictions

Introduction to Working with Addictions with EMDR Therapy An Interview with Susan Brown and Curt Rouanzoin
Susan Brown, LCSW, BCD and Curtis Rouanzoin, Ph.D.

Therapy and Dissociative Disorders

Introduction to EMDR Therapy and Dissociative Disorders
Curtis Rouanzoin, Ph.D.

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Premier Virtual Training
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Premier Virtual Training
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Premier Virtual Training
Part 1 – 6/21-6/23, 2024
Part 2 – 7/26-7/28, 2024
Part 3 – 8/16-8/18, 2024
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Premier Fullerton Training
Part 1 – 9/13 – 9/15, 2024
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Part 3 – 11/15 – 11/17, 2024
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