We are glad that you have made the choice to integrate EMDR into your therapy practice. EMDR Professional Training offers many benefits for training with us.  No other trainer has more combined training, teaching and EMDR practice than Dr. Rouanzoin. Dr. Gottlieb is known for making the material very accessible. Additionally, Dr. Rouanzoin and Dr. Gottlieb are both clinicians as well as professors and are able to communicate the material in an energetic, interesting manner— making new material easy to learn.

The three weekends of training offered by EMDR Professional Training are inclusive of the 10 hours of consultation, so no additional time or cost is necessary to complete your training.

Upon completion of your training, we also offer advanced training, certification, and professional support through our online community to continue your education and mastery of this therapy.

Thank you for considering us.


Cheyenne, WY
Weekend 1 – 5/31-6/2, 2019
Weekend 2 – 7/12-7/14, 2019
Weekend 3 – 8/9-8/11, 2019
Registration is now closed. 

Pomona College in Claremont, CA
Weekend 1 – 6/28-30, 2019
Weekend 2 – 7/26-28, 2019
Weekend 3 – 8/16-18, 2019
Registration is now closed. 

Long Beach, CA
Registration is now closed.
Weekend 1 – 9/20-22 2019
Weekend 2 – 10/18-20, 2019
Weekend 3 – 11/15-17, 2019

Our 2020 schedule so far:

Alliant International University in San Diego
Weekend 1 – 1/17-19
Weekend 2 – 2/21-23
Weekend 3 – 3/20-22
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Cal State Fullerton
Weekend 1 – 2/7-9
Weekend 2 – 3/6-8
Weekend 3 – 3/27-29
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We have several other Basic Trainings that will be available for registration shortly.

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