Basic Training with EMDR Professional Training™

Premier Basic Training™

Michelle and Curt

Premier Basic Training™ with EMDR Professional Training™ is our comprehensive three-weekend program with 10 hours consultation built into your training. Upon completion, clinicians may start using EMDR Therapy in their practice immediately.

Your 57 hours of total training time provides both theory and practicum experience. We keep our breakout groups small, so you’re guaranteed individualized interaction from our facilitators. Plus, you’ll walk away with more CE training hours than required by EMDRIA.

When you take Premier Basic Training™, you learn from the co-founders of EMDR Professional Training™, Curt Rouanzoin, Ph.D. and Michelle Gottlieb, Psy.D., both master trainers who teach with expertise and long-term experience to enrich your experience. You’ll acquire essential knowledge from in-depth presentation of complex trauma, dissociation, and specialty populations, gaining vital skills for your own clinical practice of EMDR Therapy.

Upon completion of your training, you may consider certification, advanced training, and professional support through our growing membership community—all available at EMDR Professional Training™.

Upcoming Trainings


Our 2021 & 2022 schedule so far:

More trainings to be announced.

Virtual **SOLD OUT**
Weekend 1 – 1/15-17, 2021
Weekend 2 – 2/19-21, 2021
Weekend 3 – 3/19-21, 2021

Virtual **SOLD OUT**
Weekend 1 – 3/5-7, 2021
Weekend 2 – 4/9-11, 2021
Weekend 3 – 5/14-16, 2021

Weekend 1 – 6/25-27, 2021
Weekend 2 – 7/23-25, 2021
Weekend 3 – 8/13-15, 2021
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Fullerton, CA
Weekend 1 – 9/24-26, 2021
Weekend 2 – 10/22-24, 2021
Weekend 3 – 11/19-21, 2021
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Virtual Premier Training
Weekend 1 – 1/21-23, 2022
Weekend 2 – 2/18-20, 2022
Weekend 3 – 3/18-20, 2022
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Application for BIPOC scholarship

EMDR Professional Training™ is committed to ensuring that BIPOC clinicians, clinicians that work with the BIPOC community, or clinicians that serve marginalized or under-served communities are offered opportunities to train in culturally competent EMDR therapy. To help make that opportunity a reality, we offer either one full scholarship or two half scholarships (does not include course texts) for each of our Premier Basic Trainings.

To apply for the scholarship, please answer the below questions and email to

  1. Please tell us about you as a professional.
  2. How will you use this training to make a difference in your community or in other areas you plan to use EMDR Therapy.
  3. What else do you feel is important for us to know about you or your work.


We have several other Basic Trainings that will be available for registration shortly.

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Select Basic Training™

EMDR Professional Training™ now offers a small group format for Basic Trainings.  With our Select Basic Training™, you’ll train to become an EMDR Therapy practitioner in a group of 6-10 participants, enabling more individual attention. Our trainers, trained by Dr. Curt Rouanzoin and Dr. Michelle Gottlieb, take you through the same steps and practicums of our Premier Basic Training™ with the same amount of training hours and consultation–but with an extra focus on you.  If you’re seeking a more individualized approach for your Basic Training, choose Select Basic Training™ with EMDR Professional Training™.

Learn About Our Select Trainers

Upcoming Trainings


Our 2021 schedule so far:

Virtual SOLD OUT
Weekend 1 – 1/29-1/31, 2021
Weekend 2 – 2/26-2/28, 2021
Weekend 3 – 3/27-3/29, 2021

Select Virtual – Candise Leininger, LPC
Weekend 1 – 5/20-5/22, 2021
Weekend 2 – 6/17-6/19, 2021
Weekend 3 – 7/15-7/17, 2021

Select Virtual – Deborah Silveria, Ph.D.
Weekend 1 – 5/4-5/6, 2021
Weekend 2 – 6/8-6/10, 2021
Weekend 3 – 6/29-7/1, 2021

Select Virtual – Patty Giffin, Ph. D.
Weekend 1 – 10/1-10/3, 2021
Weekend 2 – 11/5-11/7, 2021
Weekend 3 – 12/10-12/12, 2021
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