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EMDR Chat with Curt & Michelle

EMDR Professional Training Podcast

With more than 60 years combined experience in EMDR therapy, Curt Rouanzoin, PhD, and Michelle Gottlieb, PsyD, co-founders of EMDR Professional Training, address subjects for the EMDR therapy clinician in practice and psychotherapists who are interested in becoming trained.

Listen in for a quick 20-minute chat in each episode of EMDR Chat with Curt & Michelle.  Ask questions by emailing us at info@emdrprofessionaltraining.com or call:  949-445-6548.

Latest Featured Episodes

EMDR Chat #23 What about Future Template?

Future Template, part of the three-pronged approach of EMDR Therapy, is one of the greatest tools for the clinician, but is is often misunderstood. Listen to today’s episode with Curt and Michelle as they clarify how to use future templates to their max potential with clients.

EMDR Chat #22 What about closing my EMDR therapy sessions?

How do I correctly close a session with my client? And how many minutes should I set aside for Phase 7 Closure in EMDR therapy? In this episode, Curt and Michelle discuss what it takes to prepare your client to end an EMDR therapy session and what you can do to ensure your client is well-equipped and ready to go.

EMDR Chat #21 What About Eating Disorders And EMDR Therapy Part 2

How should we conceptualize selecting a target when it comes to working with a client struggling with an eating disorder? In this Part 2 episode with Curt, Michelle, and guest Jonna Fries, address the spectrum of disordered eating as well as target selection when using EMDR Therapy for the treatment of eating disorders.

EMDR Chat #20 What about Eating Disorders and EMDR Therapy? Part 1

Can EMDR therapy be used to help those struggling with eating disorders? Listen to Curt, Michelle, and eating disorder specialist and EMDRIA approved Trainer and Consultant, Jonna Fries, PsyD, and find out why and how EMDR therapy can be helpful to the treatment of eating disorders and what nuances and caveats must be considered. Part 1 of a 2-part series.

EMDR Chat #19 What about the "Controversy" of EMDR Therapy?

Every once in a while, someone publishes an article attempting to debunk EMDR therapy. But the fact is, EMDR therapy is not only based in years of research, it is proven to work more effectively and more quickly than other methodologies. Listen to Curt and Michelle discuss why the naysayers are getting it wrong about EMDR therapy.

EMDR Chat #18 What is the path of training, certification, and advanced work for EMDR therapy?

No matter where you are in your journey as an EMDR therapy clinician–trained, not trained yet, or thinking of the next level–your questions are answered! Curt and Michelle reveal the path of Basic Training, Certification, and further advanced levels in EMDR therapy education with information from EMDRIA requirements and standards.

EMDR Chat #17 When is my Client Ready for Reprocessing in EMDR Therapy?

How do I know if my client is ready for reprocessing in EMDR therapy? Do I just jump right in? Do I wait for certain cues? Curt and Michelle discuss the importance of knowing when your client is ready, including questions to ask yourself as the clinician and what to consider in the “dance” of reprocessing.

EMDR Chat #16 What is Early Intervention, and why should I add it to my practice?

What is early intervention in EMDR therapy? If you’re an EMDR clinician, you may have heard of it, but why should you consider adding it to your practice? Dr. Deborah Silveria joins Curt and Michelle to discuss what early intervention is and how it is used to remove trauma early and decrease the possibility of further issues down the road.

EMDR Chat #15 What about Telehealth and EMDR Therapy?

Can EMDR therapy work in the telehealth setting? While the simple answer is yes, Curt and Michelle talk about the many factors to consider when using telehealth to conduct an EMDR therapy session with a client. Listen in for a lot of practical advice in today’s episode from modalities to mechanics and more!

EMDR Chat #14 How can I use EMDR therapy with warriors and first responders?

First responders and military can benefit greatly from EMDR therapy, but it does take some preparation and awareness on the part of the clinician. In today’s podcast, Curt and Michelle welcome Donna Griffin, EMDRIA approved consultant and trainer for EMDR Professional Training, who specializes in working with this population.

EMDR Chat #13 What about Cognitive Interweaves?

If you’re an EMDR therapy clinician, you’ve heard of Cognitive Interweaves, but you may be wondering exactly when to use one and how. In this EMDR Chat with Curt and Michelle, learn more about cognitive interweaves and appropriate situations for using this sometimes tricky tool of EMDR therapy.

EMDR Chat #12 Is EMDR Therapy Really that Effective?

Is EMDR Therapy just a fad? A theory? Hypnosis with another name?
Listen to Curt and Michelle respond to recent and ongoing doubts as to the efficacy of EMDR therapy with conversation about the research and theories behind what has proven to be both effective and recommended by prominent health organizations.

EMDR Chat #11 Can I do EMDR therapy with neurodivergent clients?

Clinicians often ask us about using EMDR therapy for various populations, and the answer is often — YES! Today, we’re chatting with EMDR trainer and expert Candise Leininger about using EMDR therapy with neurodivergent clients.

EMDR Chat #10 How do I introduce EMDR therapy to my client?

While clinicians may wonder how to transition clients from talk therapy to the veritable “brain therapy” of EMDR, the move is worth it. In this episode, Curt and Michelle explain how there’s no buy-in necessary once the client experiences the evidence-based standard protocol and its positive, healing results.

EMDR Chat #9 What about Addictions?

Which comes first? Ending Addiction? Or Treating Trauma?

Most clinicians would say we should work on sobriety first—treat the addiction. EMDR therapy proposes that we should treat the underlying trauma which has led to addictive behaviors. In episode 9, Curt and Michelle discuss how to treat addictions within the EMDR therapy paradigm.

EMDR Chat #8 Community

Mental health professionals do important but often isolating work. If you are a trauma therapist or an EMDR therapy clinician, you know the support of a community of other clinicians is essential to your practice. Simply put, it’s part of good self care while you care for your clients. Curt and Michelle talk about how you can find your community of other EMDR therapists who will support your important work.

EMDR Chat #7 What about vicarious trauma?

Therapists do difficult work to be sure and many experience vicarious trauma because of their clients’ experiences. Learn how EMDR therapy alleviates this situation for clinicians in this episode with Curt and Michelle.

EMDR Chat #6 Isn’t EMDR therapy only for PTSD?

What was once thought of as a psychotherapy primarily useful for PTSD, throughout the last 30 years of clinical practice and research, EMDR therapy has been found to do much more for a wide range of diagnoses. In this episode, Curt and Michelle explain the history of EMDR therapy’s use and why it is used more widely today for a variety of reasons than it once was.

EMDR Chat #5 EMDR Certification: What it is and what it isn’t

How do you become a trained and certified EMDR therapist? What is EMDR consultation? Your questions are answered from training to certification and the role of EMDR consultants in this episode of EMDR Chat with Curt and Michelle.

EMDR Chat #4 Dissociation Part 2

In episode 4 of EMDR Chat, Curt and Michelle discuss dissociation in depth, including adaptations that clinicians may need to use when working with those who have dissociative disorders. Learn how EMDR therapy becomes an essential part of working with all levels on the continuum of dissociation.

EMDR Chat #3 What about Dissociation? Part 1

EMDR therapy gets a workout in this Part 1 episode when Curt and Michelle dispel the myths surrounding its effectiveness with dissociation. Listen in while EMDR Professional Training’s leaders discuss the coping mechanism properties of dissociation and how the AIP model works alongside rather than against it.

EMDR Chat #2 What EMDR training should I choose?

Are you thinking about training in EMDR therapy? Curt and Michelle have answers to your questions! In the second episode of EMDR Chat, Curt Rouanzoin, Ph.D., and Michelle Gottlieb, Psy.D., discuss what you should consider as you choose your EMDR training. From the number of training hours to consultation availability, EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) approval and hidden costs, Curt and Michelle cover all the details for you as a psychotherapist planning to train in EMDR therapy.

EMDR Chat #1 What is EMDR therapy and what can it do for your clients?

In EMDR Professional Training’s first episode of EMDR Chat, Curt and Michelle talk about what EMDR therapy is and why clinicians may want to be trained in EMDR therapy.

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