EMDR Therapy – The Solution

It’s a well-known fact that a staggering amount of the population of the world has experienced some form of trauma.  Just think of the weather-related disasters in the United Statesin 2018 alone.  Hurricanes Florence and Michael, the California Wildfires, and massive flooding throughout the South, Northeast, and West Coast left behind an enormous amount damage and loss of life, but thousands are still struggling because of the experience of these highly traumatic events.

Beyond natural disasters are the daily occurrences of trauma that, unfortunately, exist under the radar.  A Navy SEAL, once a trained warrior, struggles to find a reason to live because of the recurring, vivid nightmare of the night he lost both a comrade and one of his limbs.  A teenage girl lives in daily fear and shame because of an adult family member’s repeated, demoralizing abuse.  A married couple lives a loveless marriage of unspoken expectations and intimacy issues as a result of an unaddressed past trauma.  The National Center for PTSD (2018) reports that “about 8 million adults have PTSD in a given year…a small portion of those who have gone through trauma.”

Our society is hurting, to put it mildly.

But there’s good news.

Not only is there a way to help, there’s a way for those who have experienced trauma to move toward a healed and resilient life.  EMDR Therapy produces more successful results, more quickly, than other forms of therapy.  That’s why EMDR Professional Training offers ongoing professional education for you, the professional therapist, to provide initial training as well as advanced seminars and workshops to support your work with specific populations.  You will experience less burn out and more success after you have been trained in this modality.

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