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Your EMDR Training Journey: Key Steps to your Success

Jan 04, 2024


Your EMDR Therapy Training Journey Your EMDR Therapy Training Journey

Taking Your EMDR Training Journey to the Next Level

So you've decided EMDR therapy training might be for you? Good! As you embark on this transformative journey, it's crucial to ensure that your EMDR training equips you with the necessary tools to become the best therapist for your clients. Here are some additional insights and considerations to enhance your understanding of EMDR therapy training.

Why EMDR Therapy? A Closer Look

EMDR therapy stands out as a highly researched and supported therapeutic approach, offering a departure from traditional "talk" therapies. With a proven track record, it's remarkably efficient and effective at helping clients overcome trauma and maladaptive behaviors. As the demand for EMDR therapy rises, incorporating it into your practice can set you apart as a versatile and in-demand therapist.

Curt Rouanzoin teaches during Premier Basic Training.

Master Trainer Curt Rouanzoin, PhD, teaches during Premier Basic Training

Key Elements to Look for in Your EMDR Basic Training:

EMDRIA Approved Training: Seek out a training program approved by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA). This standardizing organization sets specific content requirements, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. EMDRIA also holds high certification requirements for trainers, facilitators, and consultants, so check for these standards to guarantee top-notch training.

Training Hours: Look for a program that meets or exceeds the base minimum 40 hours of training required by EMDRIA. Practicum and consultation should be integral components of your training, providing practical application and ongoing support. Opt for a training format, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, that suits your learning style and client needs.

Expertise:  You should engage in training with experts in the field.  Although EMDR therapy is a relatively new therapy, first developed by Francine Shapiro, PhD, you'll find a handful of psychotherapists who were trained by Shapiro, have been practicing since its inception, and are training the next generation of mental health professionals with knowledge of the latest research and wisdom from their own clinical experience.

Community Support: A sense of community among clinicians is vital for your professional development. Seek a training program that fosters communication and collaboration between trainees, creating a supportive environment for learning and growth.

Why Choose EMDR Professional Training?

Congratulations! You've found EMDR Professional Training, a premier continuing education company offering comprehensive EMDRIA Approved Basic Training programs. Here's why we train so many clinicians successfully:

  • Expert Leadership: Led by co-founders Michelle Gottlieb, PsyD, and Curt Rouanzoin, PhD, both EMDRIA approved Master Trainers, our programs ensure you learn from excellent research and seasoned professionals.  In fact, Rouanzoin and Gottlieb co-train our Premier Basic Trainings and are the only Master Trainers to do so within the EMDR therapy training community.
  • Variety of Formats: Whether you prefer large group settings or more intimate gatherings, EMDR Professional Training provides options like Premier EMDR Basic Training and Select EMDR Basic Training, accommodating different learning preferences.  Regardless of the size of our trainings, we always keep our practicum groups small, at a maximum of 8 participants, so you get the attention you need to become a confident clinician in EMDR therapy.
Thank you card from participants 2023

Thank you messages from our 2023 Premier Basic Training in Fullerton, CA.

  • Comprehensive Training:  Our EMDR Basic Training package is a three-part format of 57 total hours of training, including practicum sessions and consultations with EMDRIA approved Trainers, Consultants, and Facilitators.  Your training includes access to an online course companion where you have access to follow-up videos, downloadable manuals, and other auxiliary materials to support your training.  Training covers everything from the history and theories of EMDR therapy to specific topics such as complex trauma with attention to issues and populations that can benefit from EMDR
  • Online Community: Your training also includes access to our exclusive online community to foster connection with fellow trainees and training staff. This continued support ensures that your learning extends beyond training sessions and allows you to become part of the larger community of EMDR clinicians with as much or as little interaction as you'd like.
  • Flexibility: With in-person, hybrid, and fully virtual training formats, you have the flexibility to choose the mode that best suits your schedule and preferences.
Curt Rouanzoin, Michelle Gottlieb, and facilitators

EMDR Facilitators with Curt Rouanzoin and Michelle Gottlieb at Premier Basic Training.

Embark on an unforgettable training experience with EMDR Professional Training, where a supportive professional community awaits. Discover more about their EMDR Basic Training Schedule here and explore the impressive lineup of EMDRIA approved trainers here.

If you are a mental health professional or a graduate student or associate (with supervisor approval) on your way to becoming licensed, your journey towards becoming an exceptional EMDR therapist starts at EMDR Professional Training.  Get started with us today!

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Your EMDR Training Journey:  Key Steps to your Success Your EMDR Training Journey:  Key Steps to your Success
Your EMDR Training Journey: Key Steps to your Success
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