Test-Drive a Course — Free!

Test-Drive a Course Today!

Take a sneak peek of our courses at EMDR Professional Training before you go “all in.”

Here’s how:

When you click on the link to your chosen course, a new page shows the Free Preview button next to the Purchase button.

Purchase or Preview a Course
Click on the course you’d like to preview. Then choose to register right away or preview the course first.

Click the Free Preview button.

A page opens to the New Account Page.  This page looks similar to the Registration and Purchase page for the course.  You must create an account to see the free preview.

Create a new account
If you haven’t created an account in our online purchasing system yet, you’ll be asked to create an account.

Once you have completed the Create New Account page, click Sign Up at the bottom of the page.

Click "Sign Up"
Once you’ve created your free account, click sign up to go to the free course preview.

A new window opens to the Free Lesson Preview.

Your free lesson preview
A free lesson preview will open for you. Some courses have multiple pages in the free preview, so be sure to click and view each page.

After scrolling through each page of the course preview, click Mark Incomplete if you need to come back to this information again.  Once you’re finished with each page, click Next.

Clicking Mark Incomplete allows you to come back to each page again.

Clicking Next takes you to the next page until you’ve reached the end of the Free Preview.

End of Free Preview
Once you’ve finished all available pages, you’ll finish with this page. Click next to finish your purchase of the course.

At the end of the Free Preview,  you have the option to Complete your purchase of the course.

Complete your purchase
After you’ve finished the free preview of the course, complete your purchase here.

Click Purchase to Complete Your Purchase of your chosen course.

Complete your purchase and registration of the course.

See you online at EMDR Professional Training!