EMDR Professional Training™ Announces Jam-Packed Fall of Advanced Live Courses


All three courses to be held on the campus of Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California.

something burning on the roadRTEP/GTEP

Josie Juhasz, MA, LPC

October 12 – 13

Apply EMDR Therapy for early intervention to trauma with detailed information regarding the Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol and the Group Traumatic Episode Protocol.

Gray head and colorful head“Part of me wants to quit, and part of me doesn’t”: An Integrative Developmental Approach to Addiction  

Susan Brown, LCSW, BCD

November 2 – 3

Develop skills working with trauma, substance use disorder, and other challenging patterns of behavior using an “Integrative Developmental Approach” within an EMDR therapy framework.


DeTUR™: An Urge Reduction Protocol in Dealing with Addictions and Dysfunctional Behaviors

A.J. Popky, Ph.D.

December 7 – 8

Learn and practice DeTUR™, an Urge Reduction Protocol for addictions and dysfunctional behaviors and the underlying causing traumas, based on the AIP EMDR model.

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