Essential EMDR Therapy

In the past few months we’ve been talking about EMDR Therapy and highlighting the three words in EMDR Professional Training’s tagline:  Engaging. Effective. Essential. We’ve talked about the first two. Now it’s time for the third.

So why use the term Essential?

The answer is two-fold.

EMDR Therapy is Essential.

First, we use the term essential because of what we believe about EMDR Therapy.  Oddly, we’ve heard that word quite a lot lately, from essential businesses to essential services and workers.  We’ve been inundated with messages telling us what we have to do just to survive.

a boy holding hot fire balloonBut some have been just surviving for quite a while.  They’ve been barely living in the wake of the severe traumas of their past.  At EMDR Professional Training™ we’d like to see the end of just surviving.  We believe EMDR Therapy is the answer to unlocking the keys to heal past trauma.  And it’s essential to your practice if you’d like to see your clients move from repeated cycles and setbacks to true healing.

So we use this word essential in our tagline because of the importance of EMDR Therapy itself.

EMDR Professional Training™ is Essential.

We also use the term essential because of what EMDR Professional Training™ can offer you.

EMDR Professional Training™ is an essential part of your Basic Training and continuing education in EMDR Therapy.  We bring you both community through our membership program and EMDRIA-approved programs for your certification and advanced education needs.  In this new landscape of social distancing, you have a place to connect with other mental health professionals and learn from the experts as you pursue your work.

Join us on this journey!  Start Basic Training with us in a live or live-virtual format.  Hone your skills with our online Boot Camp Basic Skills Refresher.  Take our online advanced courses and accrue your continuing education credits while adding to your toolbox.  And join our EMDR Professional Training™ membership where you’ll join our supportive and lively community of colleagues with many extra benefits.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and we’ll see you soon!