Why Should You Learn DeTUR?

Why should you learn DeTUR?  If you’ve taken Basic Training with EMDR Professional Training you’ve learned that addictions are part of the landscape.  It’s time to learn the DeTUR protocol formulated by EMDR Therapy pioneer, A.J. Popky, Ph.D.

Help Your Clients Overcome Their Urges.

End Their Addictions.

Recover and Finally Move Forward.

Stop the cycle of addictions
Stop the cycle of addictions with DeTUR.

What is DeTUR for EMDR Therapy?

As a protocol of EMDR Therapy, the DeTUR method targets the triggers that bring up uncomfortable feelings leading to urges.  The purpose of the protocol is to uncover the core traumas and reprocess them through to completion.

The DeTUR protocol (Desensitization of Triggers and Urge Reprocessing) is an urge protocol based in EMDR Therapy’s AIP (Adaptive Information Processing) Model for addictions and dysfunctional behaviors, developed by Arnold “A.J.” Popky.

DeTUR (Desensitization of Triggers and Urge Reprocessing) is an urge reduction protocol used as the nucleus of an overall methodology in the treatment of a wide range of chemical addictions and dysfunctional behaviors. It was initially introduced as a “stop smoking” protocol at the first EMDR conference in 1992.

Though somewhat similar to the phases of EMDR, using history, assessment, diagnosis and preparation of the client, DeTUR targets the triggers that bring up the uncomfortable feelings leading to urges.  DeTUR phases also include client empowerment through resource accessing, installation of positive treatment goals, identification and desensitization of triggers, and techniques of relapse prevention. The purpose of the protocol is to uncover the core traumas and reprocess them through to completion. In achieving reprocessing, the triggers no longer stimulate the need to use or act out and the new response becomes the positive treatment goal of coping and functioning successfully in life as determined by the client.

Learn DeTUR

A.J. Popky left a legacy of learning with EMDR Professional training.  EMDR Professional Training is the authorized source for DeTUR training.  

In the videos and handouts left to us by A.J. Popky, you’ll find lively lecture, discussion, and case examples that will enable you to: 

  1. Describe the use of the DeTUR protocol.Break the chains of addiction.
  2. Demonstrate the use of the DeTUR protocol to uncover core traumas and reprocess them to completion.
  3. Identify rapid techniques to aid clients in accessing their own inner resources.
  4. Compare differences between positive goal (PG) and positive state (PS).
  5. Identify client’s triggers.
  6. Compile methods to elicit client’s positive goal.
  7. Plan how to anchor the positive state into client’s philosophy.
  8. Analyze how to segue from the DeTUR protocol to the EMDR model.
  9. Utilize techniques to aid client in handling relapse.

A.J. Popky, Ph.D.

Learn from one of the pioneers of EMDR Therapy and understand the components of his trademarked method.

A.J. Popky, a United States Marine Corps DIV. 1277 charter member, worked extensively with wounded warriors, dealing with PTSD, addictions, and other maladaptive behaviors.  He developed the DeTUR method in his work with the U.S. Armed Forces and trained and consulted DoD therapists at military bases around the globe.

Dr. Popky was also a famously dynamic presenter.  He presented the DeTUR protocol with both compassion and humor, using illustrations from seemingly hopeless cases, applying masterful technique.  Through his engaging and lighthearted approach, Dr. Popky shared his wisdom and taught others how to achieve the same positive outcomes.