More Choices in EMDR Basic Training

Premier Basic Training™ and Select Basic Training™ equal more choices for you.  If you’re ready for EMDR Therapy, you have more choices for your EMDR Basic Training with EMDR Professional Training™.

What’s the difference?  Why choose one over the other?

It all depends on how you like to learn.

First, you know it’s time to add EMDR Therapy to your work if you’re at all frustrated by the fact that your clients aren’t getting better.  If your clients are cycling through positive steps and setbacks without true healing, you’re ready for EMDR Therapy.  If you’re looking for solutions and ready for more,

You’re ready to train in EMDR Therapy.

At EMDR Professional Training™ we offer you choices in your EMDR Therapy training.  We offer both live in-person training as well as fully virtual training.

Premier Basic Training™

You have more choices with EMDR Professional Training.

Premier Basic Training™ with EMDR Professional Training™ is our large format Premier Basic Training™ with Dr. Curt Rouanzoin and Dr. Michelle Gottlieb.  When you complete your EMDR Therapy basic training in our premier format, you spend three weekends training with Dr. Rouanzoin and Dr. Gottlieb along with your breakout group facilitator.  This training is excellent for those who like to interact with expert trainers, work with others from diverse backgrounds, and learn with trained facilitators during practicums.  Premier Basic Training™ provides you with 57 total training hours — more hours than required by EMDRIA and a perfect way to set yourself up on the path toward EMDRIA certification.

Select Basic Training™

Select Basic Training™ is the newest addition to our Basic Training programs.  With Select Basic Training™, you’ll train to become an EMDR Therapy practitioner in a small group setting, enabling more attention on your individual skills. Your trainer takes you through the same steps and practicums employed during our larger group Basic Training with the same training hours and consultation, but with extra focus on you.  If you’re seeking a more individualized approach for your Basic Training, choose Select Basic Training™ with EMDR Professional Training™.

Choose your way to train in EMDR Therapy

Now’s your chance to learn the highly effective and efficient psychotherapy method known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy and begin using its steps and protocols in your practice.

At EMDR Professional Training™ we’re dedicated to providing extensive and meticulous training, developing your necessary skills so you can incorporate EMDR Therapy into your clinical practice right away.

Virtual Training for your Safety

We offer both our Select and Premier Basic Training for EMDR Therapy in a completely virtual environment with live instructors and facilitators.  We’ve included everything we do in our classroom-style training with your health and safety secured.

Reserve your Spot for our next Premier or Select Basic Training

Now is the perfect time to start your training.  Reserve your spot in our next comprehensive three-weekend virtual Basic Training program for a safe, extensive learning experience in EMDR Therapy.  Both formats include a 57- hour training schedule with:

  • All-encompassing virtual experience with theoretical training sessions and practicums in a small, individualized setting.
  • Personal attention and interaction with your trainers who are EMDRIA approved consultants and current practitioners of EMDR Therapy.  Trainers are trained by  Curt Rouanzoin and Michelle Gottlieb, two of the most experienced EMDR Therapy trainers in the field who use their knowledge to start your practice of EMDR Therapy on the right track.
  • Ten hours built-in consultation with Basic Training, so you’ll be steps closer to beginning your certification process after training.
  • Access to our taped videos and lectures even after training completion for further resource when needed.
  • When you’re finished with your Basic Training, you’re also eligible for membership with EMDR Professional Training.  Check out our membership benefits here for more details about our thriving membership community of EMDR Therapy practitioners.

What’s more, at EMDR Professional Training™, we offer our  Basic Training program with more CE training hours than EMDRIA requires and at a lower tuition rate than many other organizations.

Learn more about our three-weekend EMDR Therapy Basic Training programs ​here.

See our Basic Training schedule for more start dates for both our Premier Basic Training™ and Select Basic Training™.

Take your next steps with EMDR Professional Training™

There’s never been a more important time to complete your training in EMDR Therapy.  With EMDR Professional Training™, you’ll find highly researched and consistent training with individualized learning designed with you in mind.

For CE credit information and to register for our next Select Basic Training™, visit Select Basic Training  at EMDR Professional or call:  (949) 445-6548.

Engaging.  Effective.  Essential.