Top 3 Reasons for EMDR Certification

If you have completed your EMDR Basic Training, you’ve probably also become aware of the option of EMDR Certification.

Here are our top 3 reasons to obtain your EMDR Certification.

  1. Assure the public that you have chosen to increase your understanding and skills in EMDR Therapy beyond basic training.

    When you complete or renew your EMDR certification, your clients and your community understands your commitment to more than just basic knowledge of EMDR Therapy. Your certification and certification renewal gives them confidence in your ability as an EMDR practitioner.

  2. Increase your own confidence and competence in EMDR Therapy.

    Beyond your clients’ confidence in your ability, you should sow confidence in your skills and competence in EMDR Therapy. Limiting your education in EMDR Therapy at Basic Training limits your skills and will limit your confidence in using the protocols. So it makes sense that you would continue learning and adding to your skillset.

    Therapist with a client

  3. Effectively treat complex trauma.

    Within your practice, you will most likely see complex trauma. Being prepared is the best way to move forward and the only way you will see results with your clients. Further training in advanced courses, taking part in practicums and study groups, and, of course, completing EMDRIA’s consultation requirements, are all important to your development as a practitioner.

Certification in EMDR Therapy is a step you can accomplish by following the guidelines set forth by EMDRIA, the EMDR International Association. According to EMDRIA,

Clinicians are eligible to become EMDR International Association Certified Therapists if they are fully licensed in their mental health professional field for independent practice and have two years of experience (minimum) in that field. Specific EMDR requirements include completion of an EMDR International Association approved training program in EMDR therapy, a minimum of fifty clinical sessions in which EMDR was utilized, and twenty hours of consultation in EMDR by an Approved Consultant. To maintain the credential, EMDR International Association Certified Therapists must complete twelve hours of continuing education in EMDR every two years.

To learn more about what EMDRIA requires for certification and certification renewal, go to

EMDR Professional Training™ offers consultation toward your Certification and is also an EMDRIA-approved credit provider for advanced training courses.

Find out more by going to our advanced courses and learning about our Consultation program at or by calling us at 949-445-6548.

We look forward to helping you continue your EMDR Therapy education,
Curt Rouanzoin and Michelle Gottlieb