Who is helped by EMDR Therapy?


EMDR therapy helps a variety of populations including soldiers and civilians, children and adults, princes and commoners.


Wait. Did we just say princes?

For years EMDR therapy has been pigeon-holed as “the therapy that helps PTSD.”  Recent news stories, however, along with a growing body of evidence-based research, support the idea that it can do just about anyone a world of good.

Case in point, in the recently debuted Apple TV+ docuseries “The Me You Don’t See” with executive producers, the Duke of Sussex and Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry openly discusses how he has benefited from the practice of EMDR therapy.  Media outlets have also taken notice and highlighted the therapy.

Recent news is not news to EMDR Therapy

Of course, these recent revelations are not new news to thousands of EMDR therapy practitioners worldwide, many of Eye Movementwhom have used EMDR therapy in a broad variety of settings with a multitude of populations.  EMDR therapy clinicians often discuss their discovery of EMDR therapy as a “breath of fresh air” or a “magic pill” for their work because they find themselves finally able to offer true healing to their clients in a relatively short time in comparison to traditional talk therapies.  Whatever the idiomatic expression, EMDR therapy changes the landscape for both clinicians and clients alike.

How can you add EMDR therapy to your practice?

Any licensed mental health clinician, as well as graduate students who have supervisor approval and interns, Psychology Assistants, Associates, and those who are provisionally licensed, can begin Basic Training in EMDR therapy.

Basic Training at EMDR Professional Training™ is a comprehensive training experience.  Participants learn foundational principles and participate in small group practicums with trained facilitators.  Consultation hours are also included in Basic Training rounding out the full entry-level education and training in EMDR therapy.  Participants can begin using EMDR therapy right away with the training you receive at EMDR Professional Training™.

EMDR Professional Training™ also invites EMDR practitioners to join its membership community who support one another in the practice of EMDR therapy through an extensive library of resources, monthly study groups and meetings, and special membership pricing on advanced trainings.

More than just Basic

ButterflyAfter completion of EMDR Professional Training’s Basic Training, you’ll be ready to begin the certification process to become an EMDRIA certified therapist.  Advanced education and trainings are also available for further work with specific populations and complex situations.

If you are a mental health worker who would like to learn and practice EMDR therapy, join us for our next available Basic Training.  EMDR Professional Training™ offers Basic Training in a live in-person format as well as in a live virtual setting.  You can also choose between our Premier Basic Trainings™ with expert trainers, Dr. Curt Rouanzoin and Dr. Michelle Gottlieb, or choose Select Basic Trainings™ for a more individualized focus.

EMDR Professional Training™ leads in EMDR Therapy Training

Many more like Prince Harry are acknowledging and even “carrying the torch” for EMDR therapy and mental health in general, and EMDR Professional Training™ leads the charge in education for EMDR therapy and impact the conversation surrounding mental health.  EMDR therapy is an effective therapy supported by evidence-based research and brings healing to countless people.  Learn today how you can train in EMDR therapy or add further advanced training to your practice.

EMDR Professional Training™ is an EMDRIA approved credit provider of EMDR therapy training and also awards Continuing Education credit through Commonwealth Educational Seminars.